Aug 14, 2014

And... Ramona is off!

I've played around with the idea of blogging for quite some time. Finally this summer I realized I'd been thinking too long and it was time to take the plunge. With encouragement from my cousin, (visit her at I sat down today and started. 

To begin, I thought I would start posting pictures of my beautiful new classroom in the mountains of North Carolina. Last year I was at a year-round school and decided the traditional calendar suited my lifestyle better so I requested a move.
Just a small reading area for right now... still so much work to do! 
This is the view from beside the hallway. You can only see this from inside the classroom if that makes sense. I'm thinking this entire whiteboard and two bulletin boards will be my word wall. I really want to focus on those word wall activities this year! 
This is the other wall next to the door. This and the word wall make an "L" shape. Look at that full kitchen! Years ago, the kindergarten classrooms were built with full kitchens. I would like to be able to bake some with my firsties but I think the oven has been disconnected. 

Ya'll look at this cubby area! I've never seen so much storage in my life! 

Thinking I like these bright colors this year. They seem to really be the trend.

I'm still trying to decide what to do about my windows. Can't decide if I should sew curtains, add a bunting, 


Be sure to let me know what you think! 

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